Traditional publishers rarely bet on new authors, and vanity presses gouge them for services instead of investing in their success. This often leads a writer to self-publish, but the endeavor can be extremely difficult to do alone. We exist to help our author-partners feel more confident in the process than they would on their own, produce a higher quality product than they could on their own, and have access to more people than they would on their own. Like a business partner, we’re here to share the load.

We operate under a business model that is centered on investment because we believe that we all have a responsibility to produce what God puts in our hearts. It’s our goal to remove barriers (like high costs) that stand in the way of achieving this outcome. Our business model translates into charging very little upfront, and instead sharing in a percentage of the profits. 

The more books we publish, the more people hear about our mission. The more books we sell, the more loyalty we collect. In a sense, we’re a publishing co-operative who shares a platform and base of customers who believe in our mission and are predisposed to supporting God-given ideas.



Our books can be purchased at most online bookstores, and they’re available for shop owners to stock on their shelves, but we get a much bigger piece of the pie when we sell our own books. That’s why our approach to selling books is mostly focused on author relationships and their personal network. 

If you partner with us, we’ll set up an online pre-sale campaign, and help you maximize your book launch. By operating this way, you’ll have access to our tools and exposure among our existing customers. Hopefully, we’ll make some new connections through you too. Once the book is launched, we’ll continue to manage your title and pay you royalties for years to come. We want to help you succeed (after all – we’re invested!), but ultimately, we’re looking for author-partners who have bigger reasons for publishing than making money.

We want to contribute to your God-inspired idea, and we hope you’ll contribute to our God-inspired approach to publishing.